About Jane & Co.

About Us

Since 2006, a unique color revolution has been unfolding in the heart of Texas. In that year, an ardent color enthusiast with a perpetual fascination for hues and shades embarked on a journey to transform her passion into a flourishing painting business. Armed with swatches and a clear vision, Jane Jennings set out to revolutionize the painting industry in Austin and the surrounding areas.

Jane’s business journey began as a painter, fully engrossed in the world of colors, but soon evolved into an entrepreneurial endeavor. Today, the lady behind this endeavor takes pride in leading a woman-owned painting business that specializes in high-end residential and commercial projects. Her creativity extends to enchanting garden designs and installations, adding an extra layer of charm to her clients’ outdoor spaces.

The foundation of the business rests on the belief that color is not merely a visual component but a powerful form of expression. By blending art with intuition, Jane & Co. strives to capture their clients’ deepest desires and help manifest their dreams into reality. This unique approach consistently delivers a superior level of service that clients describe as “perfection.”

This business is not just a company; it is a family effort. The owner, along with her daughters, has worked tirelessly together to uphold their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They are supported by a dedicated team that has been with them for many years, making a significant contribution to their reputation as a trusted painting service provider in Texas.

From the moment clients step into the world of colors created by Jane & Co. they realize that the goal is to exceed expectations, not just meet them. Clients often express delight and surprise at how colors come alive better than they could have ever envisioned. Creating a space where families can thrive, where color reflects the heart of the home, is the mission. The intuitive customer service is designed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, reflecting the high standards set in their work.